The Synergy of Genetic Strength and Trusted People

Launched in 2009, GENETRUST, is an alliance of ranches dedicated to the common goal of providing a superior genetic product. The concept behind GENETRUST was conceived by a group of Brangus breeders in an impromptu meeting to discuss the benefits and strengths of their breed. It was evident that the Brangus breed possessed the genetic strengths and advantages that created a tremendous opportunity for the breed to have a greater influence on the future of beef cattle production. Sensing a major opportunity in the breed, those first initial discussions, led ten of the Breed’s leading genetic suppliers to join forces with a common goal to create a unique genetic alliance.

GENETRUST separates itself from other genetic alliances and cooperator programs in that not one, single ranch controls the entire philosophy but rather a team of founding ranches. And yet because the cattle produced by each cooperating ranch must adhere to rigorous performance, health and genetic standards it allows customers to buy with confidence that each GENETRUST animal comes from a similar genetic background.


The Goals of GENETRUST

  • Unite under a single genetic philosophy that provides both continuity and yet allows each participating member to maintain individual autonomy.
  • Merge marketing efforts to provide their customers more expansive outflow of resources.
  • Enhance production numbers to provide customers with additional choices.
  • Launch new customer driven programs to add value to the end product.
  • Establish performance benchmarks that allow customers to buy with confidence.
  • Continually search out new technology and scientific advancements as well as the most prepotent and proven genetics to furnish our customers a practical, proven, predictable genetic source.


The Nation’s Leading Supplier of Brangus Genetics

While newly founded, GENETRUST already has achieved the designation of being one of the largest single source suppliers of Brangus cattle in the world. But the quantity of animals marketed under the GENETRUST name is not just what sets us apart. The more important factor is the quality of the offspring produced. GENETRUST’s founding ranches have produced or are home to leading Brangus sires such as Next Step, Blackhawk, Csonka, John Wayne, Unitas, 607L11, Pardner, Cut Right, Specialist, Advantage, Hombre, Singletary, Patton, TinMan, LTD, Distinction, BT, Affirmed, Newt, Alydar, Austin and Troubadour.

Additionally, GENETRUST cattle represent some of the breeds most established cow families and reputable donors. Elite donors like 331L2, 302H6, 535K14, 541P103, 894H, 416M12, 55F2, 795H and 75H all are home to the GENETRUST family.

All GENETRUST cattle have at least some genetic history that traces them back to the famed Brinks Brangus program and all of the participating ranches utilize both AI and ET extensively in their programs.

Vernon Suhn or Craig Green, along with the cow’s owner, individually mate all of the females in the GENETRUST program. This creates a consistent genetic approach and uniformity for all the cattle marketed through GENETRUST.


Uniform Management Programs and Strict Health Requirements

Every GENETRUST bull sold through future sales will be gain tested and developed at one of three GENETRUST sites; Suhn Cattle Company in Eureka, Kansas, Cavender/Neches River Ranch in Jacksonville, Texas, or Chimney Rock Cattle Company in Concord, Arkansas. Each of those three sites utilizes the same gain test development methods and bulls are fed similar ration. The only difference is the climate and weather conditions. By utilizing three different development locales, GENETRUST is able to acclimate bulls to differing eco-environments which allows them to serve and better prepare the bulls for a diverse clientele base.

All GENETRUST bulls have been developed utilizing Purina’s Intake Modifying Feeds. We utilize this program for several reasons:

  1. Feed is available to cattle in self feeders twenty-four hours per day and the IM technology encourages cattle to be snack eaters versus consuming the ration in one large meal.
  2. We get better utilization of our available forages with IM technology.
  3. This feed program is not designed for maximum gains and thus bulls do not tend to be over conditioned.
  4. Our experience, observation and feed-back from past bull customers is that bulls developed utilizing this program are better adapted to the environment they will be faced with when turned out and therefore maintain their condition better.