A team committed to the cattle industry and the Brangus Breed.

The GENETRUST partners combine over 100+ years of experience in the Brangus breed and unites many of the breed’s leading herds together under a single genetic alliance.  The participating ranches and the cattle that now carry the GENETRUST brand have been producing some of the breed’s leading genetics for over a quarter century.


The Goals of GENETRUST

  • Unite under a single genetic philosophy that provides both continuity and yet allows each participating member to maintain individual autonomy.
  • Merge marketing efforts to provide their customers more expansive outflow of resources.
  • Enhance production numbers to provide customers with additional choices.
  • Launch new customer driven programs to add value to the end product.
  • Establish performance benchmarks that allow customers to buy with confidence.
  • Continually search out new technology and scientific advancements as well as the most prepotent and proven genetics to furnish our customers a practical, proven, predictable genetic source.