Double W Ranch

David Wood and his wife, Nada, live in Houston, Texas, but their Double W Ranch property is in Mississippi, near McComb.  It is property they own just North of New Orleans, where they lived for almost 30 years.

In 2000, they moved from New Orleans to Houston for business reasons but they continue to regularly commute to their ranch so he can be extensively involved in their Brangus operation.

His business life has been spent in the sale of offshore oilfield equipment, involving extensive travel.  From a young age he loved cows and horses, but never had time to work with either.  As a fairly new owner of a few commercial Brangus cattle at the time of the Houston move, Wood started attending a few sales near Houston, which eventually led him to Camp Cooley and their Cooperator Program.  Between the Camp Cooley program, various educational pursuits like the Beef Cattle Short Course, attending field days, ranch visits and developing friendships within the breed, David learned a lot and found he enjoyed all aspects of raising registered Brangus cattle.

The years spent in association with Cooley were very educational regarding the details involved in properly raising quality registered genetics.  David is grateful to have had the opportunity to continue such an important relationship in the Brangus business as a founding member in GENETRUST.  Based primarily on Brinks genetics with the expert guidance of long time Brinks cattlemen Vern Suhn and Craig Green, as well as a vast array of cattle and business expertise available through the partners, GENETRUST has quickly become a recognized brand in the breed with every effort being made by the group to continue enhancing the development of outstanding Brangus genetics.

The focus of Double W Ranch in recent years has been on developing a group of elite females to incorporate in an embryo transfer program and the utilization of top shelf herd sires to further the breed through semen sales and use as clean up sires in their own herd.

On the female side, their initial “elite” cow was Miss Brinks Geronimo 535K14.  She is still producing and in partnership with Rio Ranch will be putting 21 ET calves on the ground in 2014.  Through past Global Collection sales they have purchased the following:  A flush from Suhn Cattle Co. that has yielded two outstanding females (331Y9 and 30Y10) both of which look to be strong flush contenders in 2014; a flush from Telpara Hills in Australia that has yielded a high quality heifer out of their powerful TH Miss Csonka 541D9 cow; and a heifer, Ms CRC Affirmed 302X27, a direct descendent of the famed 302H6 cow (they already have 2 top quality bull calves and 3 great heifers out of her with another 9 ET calves hitting the ground in October 2013).  Finally they have purchased WAT Ms Csonka 541W7, a deep bodied female out of the 541P103 donor that records a super set of EPDs, including a 0.27 IMF with a 7.239 IMF scan (top 2% in the breed).  541W7 is due to produce 15 ET calves in the fall of 2013.

On the herd bull side they of course have Singletary of Brinks 675R, that is still working in their program.  Additionally, they have added the well-known Affirmed son, 30T, with the most current addition, a son of GR Swift 209W3, Suhn’s Foundation 331Z28, the high selling bull at the GENETRUST at Suhn Cattle Company 20th Annual Bull Sale.

Both the commercial and registered breeder wants to know they are looking at the most successful and latest genetics when selecting bulls or cattle for their program.  It is the intent of Double W Ranch to do their best in this regard through the cattle they offer via the GENETRUST program.