The People: Creating Trust, Confidence and Reliability for the Cattle Produced

GENETRUST combines over 100 years of experience in the Brangus breed and unites many of the breed’s leading herds together under a single genetic alliance. The GENETRUST name may be new but the participating ranches and the cattle that now carry the GENETRUST brand have been producing some of the breed’s leading genetics for over a quarter century.

Names like Vern Suhn, Craig Green, Joe Cavender, Bill Davis, Randy Schmidt, John Milam and Wat Johnston comprise the GENETRUST family… creating an established genetic partnership that will stand the test of time. These individuals allow customers to buy with confidence and trust the people who stand behind the cattle bearing the GENETRUST brand.


David Wood

Double W Ranch – Texas

David Wood and his wife, Nada, live in Houston but their Double W Ranch property is in Mississippi, near McComb. It is property they own just North of New Orleans, where they lived for almost 30 years. In addition to ranching, his working life is spent in the business of selling offshore oilfield equipment. Initially Double W Ranch started out as purely a commercial Brangus operation, however later Wood expanded into the registered side of the business, basing and building his herd on Brinks genetics. The ranch has a number of donor cows and uses AI and ET extensively.

Double W Ranch is the home of the well known $140,000 Singletary of Brinks and also the home of one of the most famed donor females to ever leave Camp Cooley Ranch, Miss Brinks Geronimo 535K14, who has produced over $175,000 in offspring revenue including notables such as Ditka, Rowdy, Miles and MS Brinks Lead Gun 535R31.

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Joe Cavender

Cavender Ranches – Jacksonville, Texas

Cavender Ranches started their present operation in 1990 and began with the purchase of 120 head of Black F1 Brangus females which were on the ranch that they purchased near Troup, Texas. James Cavender had also purchased 12 purebred Brangus heifers earlier that spring which became the start of the registered Brangus herd. This led the way to Cavender Ranches becoming Brangus breeders.

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Wat Johnston

Johnston Brangus – Letohatchee, Alabama

Johnston Brangus, owner, Wat Johnston represents the sixth generation of his family to be involved in agriculture in Southern Alabama. While he may have just entered the registered segment of the beef industry, cattle have always been part of his life and livelihood. Recently, Wat purchased the registered Brangus herd from his brother Ray. This herd has been part of GENETRUST since its inception

Wat also owns a large commercial herd that operates under the name Johnston Cattle Company (JCC). This herd has been using strong performing Brangus bulls for over 15 years. JCC offers GENETRUST sired commercial heifers to commercial cattlemen every year.

This year, Wat will introduce GENETRUST genetics to his Angus/Hereford base commercial herd in La Pampa, Argentina. He expects great things from this introduction of heterosis and powerful GENETRUST genetics.

Wat, his wife Carol, their three children, and seven grandchildren are proud of theirs family’s rich history and look forward to many years to come in the Brangus cattle business.

Vernon Suhn

Suhn Cattle Company – Eureka, KS

How does one go from growing up on a 10,000 head commercial operation on the plains of South Dakota to raising some of the most sought after Brangus genetics in the world today?

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Randy Schmidt

Schmidt Farms – Texarkana, Texas

Schmidt Farms is a registered and commercial Brangus operation located in Northeast Texas. Their emphasis is on raising good functional Brangus cattle. They strongly believe that cattle raised in our part of the country (by that we mean south of Interstate 70, and definitely south of Interstate 40) need some “EAR” to maximize their potential. Some other American breeds work well in the South, but with Brangus cattle you don’t have to give up carcass quality and consistency.

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John Milam

Draggin’ M Ranch – Arkansas

John Milam founded a highly successful construction business in Arkansas before branching out to own both registered and commercial Brangus operations. Draggin ‘M Ranch is now home to some heavyweights in the Brangus breed like a flush he purchased on the renowned Suhn’s Miss Cadence 331L2; 416M12, a full sister to Alydar and Affirmed; 302N2 and 894H. He also owns Newt of Brinks, one of the preeminent calving ease bulls in the breed. Draggin ‘M Ranch produced, Milam of Brinks, one of the highest selling bulls at $23,000 at the 2007 Camp Cooley Ranch bull sale.

Bill Davis

Chimney Rock Cattle Company – Concord, AR

Chimney Rock Cattle is nestled in the mountains of Northeast Arkansas and is home to one of the most elite herds of Brangus cattle. Built around many of the Brinks Brangus/Camp Cooley Ranch and Suhn Cattle Company’s leading donors the CRC female factory is unrivaled in its genetic depth and strength. Chimney Rock is owned by Bill and Gail Davis. Today, the Davis’ strive to build a herd of functional, customer driven Brangus cattle which meet the demands of both registered and commercial cattleman. CRC is home to or has produced leading herd sires like Newt, Blackhawk, Troubadour, Specialist, Next Step and Cowmaker.

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