Eldorado 30B15


  • One of the most exciting herd sires to hit the scene, with his first calves on the ground in the fall of 2016, Eldorado will be one of the most used sires in the breed in 2017.

  • A calving ease option with unequalled substance and dimension from end to end, Eldorado is a big topped, big hipped sire with a tremendous foot and leg structure and added eye appeal.

  • A $27,000 selection in the 2015 CRC sale, his dam is one of the rising stars in the breed, combining calving ease, growth in muscle in a “rare air” type package.

  • A sire that can add bone, muscle and rib shape in moderate frame, right size package with an above average sheath design, Eldorado can improve a multitude of females in both the Brangus and Ultrablack arena.

  • Get in on the ground floor of this herd sire, backed by the calving ease king and a donor that is poised to make her mark on the breed for years to come.

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Product Description

DOB: September 5, 2014   //   Owned by: Draggin’ M Ranch and JRT Brangus   //   Spring 2017 EPDs



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