Franchise 361Z18


  • Tremendous calving ease prospect who headlined the 2013 GT@Neches River Sale at $29,000.

  • Excellent birth to yearling spread, ranking in the top 10% for CED, top 15% for REA, top 20% for BW & YW, top 30% for WW and top 35% for TM & IMF

  • Outstanding individual performance with a BW ratio of 92, WW ratio of 120, YW ratio of 107, REA ratio of 111 and an IMF ratio of 126.

  • Dam is a super Blackhawk daughter with impressive progeny ratios including BW of 22@100, WW of 20@102, YW of 18@102, REA of 16@102 and IMF of 16@101.

  • Progeny thus far have impressed coming easy, with plenty of shape, good color and lots of eye appeal.  With scores more due in 2016, take a hard look at this calving ease alternative.

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SKU: R10227849_Franchise.

Product Description

DOB: September 28, 2012   //   Owned by: Schmidt Farms and Cavender Brangus   //   Spring 2016 EPDs



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