Strategy 263C6


  • The $39,000 high selling GT bull of the fall sale season, Strategy packs the credentials herd sires are made of-pedigree, phenotype, performance and multi-trait EPD excellence.

  • Moderate framed and deep sided in his design he possess ample shape and bone and excels above his sire in terms of sheath design and overall eye appeal.

  • The dam of Strategy is a ¾ sister to the breed leader Landau, and a member of the heralded donor pen at Draggin’ M.

  • His first calves on the ground at DMR are coming easy, with good color and the consistency in type one would expect given his high accuracy pedigree.

  • Strategy should fit a wide range of females, both phenotypically and genotypically, and given his ability to work on heifers and mature cows, he should be highly sought after in 2017.

  • * Price per unit
SKU: R10254680_Strategy.

Product Description

DOB: February 9, 2015   //   Owned by: Draggin’ M Ranch and Salacoa Valley Farms    //   Spring 2017 EPDs



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