“We bought a bull at the Nov.1 sale. Just wanted to say that whoever managed these bulls did a good job. Where we are in the mountains and foothills of Virginia our temps range from high 90s and bone dry in the summer to 0 with wind chills way below zero in winter. If these bulls can make it here they can make it just about anywhere. Thanks again”

– Tom Nicholson, Virginia


“The leadership and vision the GENETRUST team affords their customers is unmatched.  As a commercial producer, trust in your seedstock supplier is a must and we have never worked with another supplier we trust any more than GENETRUST.”

– Mark Barnett, Kentucky-Tennessee Livestock Market, Clarksville, TN


“We chose GENETRUST and have stayed with them because of the people and the consistent quality of the bulls that we buy.”

– Frosty & Guy Tipton, T Quarter Circle Ranch, Winnemucca, NV


“We believe GENETRUST has the ability to tap into a number of fine herds to develop several potential sires, most of which come from the tried and true bloodlines we have had great success with. “

– John & Adam Whitesell, Whitesell Land & Cattle, Lockwood, MO


“Vern, Thank you for helping me buy Lot 128 on Saturday.”……. ‘’All of this is the kind of customer service that sets an organization apart from others. Thanks for being so customer focused.”

– Arlie Beckendorf, Tomball, Tx 


“Enjoy doing business with you folks! You have good stock and good people to deal with! The kind I am going to do business with! I really like 392A34! His is the right kind for north of the Mason-Dixon Line.”

– James Ottman, Valley View Ranch, Tarkio, MO


“We have used other Brangus bulls in the past but the GENETRUST bulls perform best.  They do not fall apart when turned out on the cows and get the job done with good conception rates and a good calf after it’s born.”

– Chad Parish, Manager of 6T Cattle Company, Mount Pleasant, Texas


“I’ve been very pleased with the way my GENETRUST bulls have acclimated. GENETRUST pays more attention to bull development than most.  Their program isn’t designed to produce fat bulls but rather bulls that will perform.  As a result they acclimate better and last longer.”

– Wilford Hochstedler, Stark City, MO


“The bulls from GENETRUST have been very good to handle even after spending most of the year without any human contact as compared to the Angus bulls we used before.”

– Frosty & Guy Tipton, T Quarter Circle Ranch, Winnemucca, NV


“I’ve used Brangus bulls from various ranches but the GENETRUST bulls have far outperformed the others. I intend on switching exclusively to GENETRUST.”

– Clay Barnhouse, Bolivar, MO