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Cavender's Neches River Ranch 2018 Sale Report

Cavender’s Neches River Ranch 2018 Sale Report

GENETRUST at Cavender’s Neches River Ranch
Jacksonville, TX
November 16-17, 2018

Brangus and Ultrablack Bull Averages
73 Coming2’s $6651
110 Yearlings $4852
183 Total Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls Gross $1,019,250 to Average $5569.67

Charolais Bull Averages
25 Coming 2’s Gross $92,750 to Average $3710

Commercial Brangus & Ultrablack Female Averages
50 Pairs $2443
335 Bred Heifers $1881
119 Open Heifers $1550
504 Total Commercial Females Gross $936,700 to Average $1858.53

A tremendous crowd gathered at Joe & Nancy Cavender’s picturesque Neches River Ranch for a two-day offering from the GENETRUST partners, with commercial females being featured on Friday the 16th and the bulls selling Saturday the 17th. The new sale format was welcomed by buyers and sellers alike, with demand for all classes of cattle surpassing that of previous events. The bull sale featured the stoutest set of bulls ever offered at Cavender’s and buyers responded in force, with a number of herd sire prospects heading into leading registered and commercial programs. The top selling individuals were as follows.

Lot 45, DMR Three D 415E41 from Draggin’ Ranch sold with ¾ interest and full possession for $20,000 to Johnston Brangus, Letohatchee, AL.

Lot 37, CB Three D 415 E11 from Cavender Brangus sold with ¾ interest and full possession for $18,500 to Pennridge Ranch, Paige, TX.

Lot 54, DMR Three D 468E10 from Draggin’ M Ranch commanded $17,000 from Bradley Hodde, Brenham, TX.

Lot 129, DMR Strategy 415E121 from Draggin’ M Ranch sold with ¾ interest and full possession for $16,000 to Dal Williamson, Laurel, MS.

Lot 81, CB Three D 9256E from Cavender Brangus had a final bid price of $11,500 from Santa Rosa Ranch, Crockett, TX.

Lot 55, CB Tradition 468E16 from Cavender Brangus was selected for $10,500 by Tuna Rosa Ranch, Gonzales, TX.

Lot 56, CB Tradition 468E17 from Cavender Brangus gathered up $10,500 from Johnston Brangus, Letohatchee, AL.

Lot 10, CB Three D 75E7 from Cavender Brangus sold with ¾ interest and full possession for $10,500 to Adam Hicks, Alto, TX.

Lot 60, DMR Main Event 468E32 from Draggin’ M Ranch landed at $10,500 from Johnston Brangus, Letohatchee, AL.

Bulls from the offering sold from Florida to California as well as into the countries of Mexico and Kenya. The volume buyer was E.J. Parsley, Troup, TX.

In the first year of a new format, the commercial female offering was presented on Friday at noon and a large crowd readily absorbed the 500+ head of ranch raised females. Highlighting the commercial portion were 7 Brangus Pair from Cavender Ranches, selected by Ernest Hancock, Ledbetter, TX at $2550. A long string of stout made bred heifers were topped by a set of 6 head, again from Cavender Ranches, this time selected by Milton Villarreal, Katy, TX for $3050. A complete set of open heifers were presented midway through the offering and met with great demand, topped by 5 head from Draggin’ M Ranch at $2200, selling to Ryan Aschenbeck, Brenham, TX.

The volume commercial female buyers were Russell and Sarah Bargmann, Yorktown, TX, DJ Brask, Castroville, TX and Clay Barnhouse, Bolivar, MO. Females sold from Florida to Missouri to Texas and multiple points in between.

GENETRUST kicks off an exciting spring sale season February 18-19, 2019 with their Easy Access online video bull sale hosted on, where 60 Brangus and Ultrablack bulls will be offered. On March 26th, 2019 the GENETRUST crew will be in Eureka, KS at Suhn Cattle Company with a tremendous offering of 160 breed-leading Brangus and Ultrablack bulls. April 27th, 2019 GENETRUST will be back in Jacksonville, TX at Cavender’s with 150 Registered Brangus and Ultrablack females and 500 commercial Brangus females. For more information on the nation’s leader in Brangus and Ultrablack genetics visit