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Chimne Rock Cattle Company 2019 Sale Report

Chimney Rock Cattle Company 2019 Sale Report

GENETRUST at Chimney Rock Cattle Company
Concord, AR
November 1, 2019

20 3N1 $8137.5
19 Bred Heifers $5026.32
8 Donors $16,125
63 Open Heifers $5246.03
1 ET Pick Lot $27,000

111 Gross $744,750 $6709.46

Glorious sunshine welcomed a capacity crowd to the world class Chimney Rock facility on Friday afternoon, November 1, 2019 to appraise the most elite offering of females ever assembled by the GENETRUST partners. Buyers readily absorbed the genetics put forth, spreading across the United States and into Mexico. With a large number of highlights, the high selling females were as follows.

Lot 5, SCC Miss Mytty 30Z5 from Suhn Cattle Company, commanded $40,000 from Lake Majestik Farms, Flat Rock, AL and Triple T Brangus, Fayette, AL.

Lot 55, MS DMR Empire 415G from Draggin’ M Ranch, was selected by Lackey Ranch, Karnes City, TX for $32,000.

Lot 93, MS DMR Jethro 795Y2 from Draggin’ M Ranch, was a $29,000 highlight, selected by Triple T Brangus, Fayette, AL.

Lot 51, Pick of ET calves out of MS Brinks Bright Side 415R23 from Cross N Farm scored a final bid of $27,000 from Peanut Carr, Columbia, LA.

Lot 69, MS DMR Empire 468F16 from Draggin’ M Ranch, gathered up $26,000 from Quail Valley Ranch, Oneonta, AL.

Lot 106, CB MS Hombre 924Z11 from Double W Ranch and Johnston Brangus was selected by Triple T Brangus, Fayette, AL for $25,000.

Lot 99, MS WW Empire 803G1 from Double W Ranch, was chosen by Ganaderia Millan, Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico for $20,000.

Lot 88 and 88A, CB MS Chisholm 561B2 and CB MS Capital Gain 561G from Cavender Brangus were both selected by Lackey Ranch, Karnes City, TX for a $17,500 total valuation at $10,500 and $7000, respectively.

Lot 45, MS CRC North Star 331A5 from Chimney Rock Cattle Company, commanded $16,000 from Giffin Brangus, Huntsville, AR.

Lot 13, Suhn’s Miss Synergy 30G23 from Suhn Cattle Company, landed at $15,500 going home with Star G Ranch, Van, Texas.

Lot 33, MS DMR Empire 99F20 from Draggin’ M Ranch, had a final bid price of $11,500 from Ganaderia Millan, Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico.

Lot 8 Suhn’s Miss Three D 30F36 from Suhn Cattle Company, was the $11,000 selection of Reggy McDaniel, Columbia, LA.

Lot 107, Riverbend Rita Z1373 from Cavender Brangus, was chosen by Johnston Brangus, Letohatchee, AL at $11,000.

Volume buyers for the registered female event were Reggy McDaniel, Columbia, LA and Star G Ranch, Van, TX.

GENETRUST at Chimney Rock Cattle Co
Concord, AR
November 2, 2019

Registered Brangus and Ultrablack Bull Averages
29 Coming 2’s $5405
91 Yearlings $4101

120 Total Bulls Gross $529,936 to Average $4417.

Commercial Brangus and Ultrablack Female Averages
202 Bred Heifers $1650
58 Open Heifers $1357
3 Fall Pairs $2300

260 Total Commercial Females Gross $418,900 to Average $1593.

Chimney Rock Cattle Company was the gathering point for commercial and purebred cattlemen on November 2, 2019 for the annual GENETRUST Bull and Commercial Female Sale hosted by Bill and Gail Davis. An extremely functional and market driven set of cattle were presented as progressive commercial producers from Florida to California and throughout the Midwest gathered genetics that allowed for diverse environmental and production system adaptability. High selling bulls were as follows.

Lot 275, DMR Empire 924F12 from Draggin’ M Ranch, topped the offering at $11,500 for ½ interest and full possession to Johnston Brangus, Letohatchee, AL.

Lot 206, DMR Capitalist 55F9 from Draggin’ M Ranch, commanded $10,500 for 2/3 interest and full possession from Sewell Cattle Company, Eldorado, AR.

Lot 182, CRC Foundation 1528F2 from Chimney Rock Cattle Co, was chosen by Cavender Brangus, Troup, TX at $10,000 for ¾ interest and full possession.

Lot 173, CRC Beacon 535F25 from Chimney Rock Cattle Company was selected by Draggin’ M Ranch, Eldorado, AR for $9000.

Following the bull sale an elite offering of ranch raised commercial females tracing back to GENETRUST genetics were presented by GENETRUST partners and leading commercial customers with a large and active crowd aggressively pursuing them. Three pair from Chimney Rock Cattle Company topped the event at $2300/pair to Danny Ferguson, Mountain Home, AR. The high-quality string of bred heifers were topped by 3 head from C3 Rusty & Rebecca Davis Cattle at $2150 selling to Jon Quinn, Troy, TN. The open heifer division was topped by Sewell Cattle Company, with 9 head going to Triple T Brangus, Fayette, AL.

GENETRUST kicks off an exciting spring sale season February 17-18, 2020 with their Easy Access online video bull sale hosted on, where 60 Brangus and Ultrablack bulls will be offered. On March 24th, 2020 the GENETRUST crew will be in Eureka, KS at Suhn Cattle Company with a tremendous offering of 160 breed leading Brangus and Ultrablack bulls. April 25th, 2020 GENETRUST will be in Jacksonville, TX at Cavender’s with 150 Registered Brangus and Ultrablack females and 500 commercial Brangus females. For more information on the nation’s leader in Brangus and Ultrablack genetics visit