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In an effort to continually meet and exceed their customer’s needs, the GENETRUST partners are excited to announce that Steve Harrison has joined their industry leading team, effective August 19th, 2019. Steve brings an extremely valuable skill set and unique work experience to GENETRUST which will allow GENETRUST to make the leap from being one of the leaders of the seedstock industry in the United States to one of the truly elite suppliers with the ability to assist customers in genetics and marketing, having a hand in the supply chain from the pasture to the plate. Steve brings a high valued resume from the

As technology has progressed within the beef industry we have seen the major role that DNA, through genomically-enhanced EPDs and parent verification, has had on the purebred industry.  We are believers in the use of DNA and have seen it strengthen the genetic base within the Brangus breed over the past several years.  As this technology has progressed to the commercial sector, we were excited to find out that IBBA along with Geneseek had developed a commercial Brangus-specific DNA profiler to aid producers in their selection process of replacement females as well as feeder cattle.  We have several customers utilizing this tool

The Partners of GENETRUST Brangus are excited to announce Nic Cornelison and his Lake Majestik Farms operation have joined the GENETRUST organization, marking the first addition of a partner since the company’s original inception in 2009. Hailing from Flat Rock, AL, Nic and his family have long been anchored in a highly successful construction business and have parlayed that business minded success into the cattle industry. With an infectious passion for the Brangus breed, Nic has built the Lake Majestik program into one of the largest registered Brangus herds in the Southeastern U.S. gaining respect from cattlemen both domestically and internationally. “We

GENETRUST Brangus of the United States and Palgrove LTD of Australia are pleased to announce the formation of a global genetic alliance in an effort to further the beef industry worldwide. This arrangement will allow Palgrove exclusive Australian access to young Brangus and Ultrablack sires within the GENETRUST program. Selected sires will be heavily sampled within the Palgrove program in Australia in an effort to prove their strengths and weaknesses in that environment, prior to semen on those sires being released for public sale in Australia. Unique in its type, this alliance will allow the cattlemen of Australia to have more confidence